Damascus Knife

Chef's knife 20 cm


G.R.Y.M Damascus knives are made of stainless damask steel with a total of 67 layers. The inner core is made of MOV CARBOCHROME steel, which is hard, durable and resistant to corrosion. The combination of the core and 33 layers of damask steel on each side creates a sharp and durable 13-15° edge that does not require frequent sharpening. Handles are made of ebony wood, making every knife unique and well balanced.


• Rinse under hot water prior to firs use.
• Clean the knife thoroughly with water and soft cloth after each use and dry the knife carefully to avoid injuries from the sharp edge. Never use aggressive detergent and do not put in dishwasher.
• Wash the knife immediatley after cutting highly acidic foodstuff, such as lemons, to preserve the sharp edge.
• Do not cut frozen food and bones to avoid the risk of damaging the blade.
• Do not use  glass or stone cutting surfaces since this could damage the edge.
• Store the knife safely out of reach of children and be sure that the edge does not come in contact with other metallic objects.

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