Casserole 6l


We manufacture our Copper series according to a 3-layer construction: Stainless steel on the inside for hygienic cooking and simple maintenance. Aluminium core for low weight and great heat diffusion. Copper shell for great heat diffusion. Magnetic stainless steel bottom that works on all stoves, including induction. Stainless Steel handles for durability, ergonomics and looks.


• Rinse the product with water and washing-up liquid to remove potential dust.
• Only use on low to medium heat on the stove - high temperatures can damage the product and cause the copper to change colour to reddish shade.
• Never heat an empty copper product on the stove
• Add salt to water after reaching boiling point only
• Copper is a natural material - patina forms with time, which may change the colour of the copper
• When used at gas stove, make sure the flame does not reach outside the Stainless Steel bottom. 


• Never clean a copper product with bleach.
• Use water and washing-up liquid only. Do not put in dishwasher.
• If food has stuck to the product during cooking, fill the product with water and washing-up liquid for a while.
• Take great care when handling copper products - copper is a sensible material that easily scratches.
• Use copper honing products without granules to re-create the original glossy surface.

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